Reinvent your CCTV Maintenance using CheckMyCCTV

Ensure your customers’ CCTV systems are operating correctly at all times by automatically checking them every hour of every day with CheckMyCCTV.

CheckMyCCTV detects and reports faults before they become critical, so your customer won’t discover them after an incident – when it’s too late!

Over 12,000 CCTV installations are already checked 24/7 using CheckMyCCTV.

Used as part of your maintenance service, CheckMyCCTV gives you and your customers the reassurance that their CCTV is working when it’s needed most…

Reinvent your CCTV maintenance service with CheckMyCCTV. Try it FREE today.
CheckMyCCTV automatically performs these essential maintenance checks every hour of every day:

CCTV Maintence Network Check

Connection Issues

Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline.

CCTV Maintence Camera Check

Camera Failures

Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with.

CCTV Maintence Hard Disk Check

Hard Disk Failures

Detects hard disks failures or if it stops recording.

CCTV Maintence Recording Check

Recording Issues

Reports if the system records for less than expected.

CCTV Maintence Time Check

Time & Date Inaccuracy

Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

…and much more.

So whether you’re a CCTV InstallerRemote Monitoring Centre, or End-User, try CheckMyCCTV today and see why thousands of remote CCTV installations are monitored for faults as part of their maintenance provision.

CheckMyCCTV can change the way you maintain your customers’ CCTV installations, provide your customers with a higher level of pro-active service and save time, money, and energy. Contact us to find out how.

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