CheckMyCCTV Maintenance Monitoring Software

Are your CCTV systems working right now?

CheckMyCCTV is a comprehensive CCTV maintenance monitoring application for network connected CCTV systems.

Automated system checks

Ensure your CCTV installations are configured and working correctly 24/7, automatically and remotely – without having to visit your sites.

Proactive maintenance

Add CheckMyCCTV 24/7 monitoring to supplement your maintenance contracts and proactively monitor for faults and issues.

No extra hardware required

CheckMyCCTV does not require any extra hardware or software to be installed at the site.


CheckMyCCTV benefits include:

Immediate notification of issues
Once an issue is detected, the software immediately displays the type of issue and sends email messages to user-defined addresses.

Diagnose issues without having to attend site
All tests are carried out remotely over a network connection, meaning many issues can be resolved without a site visit.

Flexible configurable tests
Use a global test configuration, or a customised configuration for each unit giving greater flexibility.

Easy to use interface
Simple ‘traffic light’ style warning system displays the status of all of your customers, sites, and units on a single screen.

Scheduled testing
Schedule the tests to perform continuously, or during user-defined periods.

Daily Status Reports
Reports can be scheduled to be sent to your customers on a daily basis, ensuring they are fully aware of the status of their systems.

Web Based Status View

View the status of all your CCTV systems from your browser or smartphone.

CheckMyCCTV for Installers

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CheckMyCCTV for RVRCs

See how CheckMyCCTV can increase revenue streams by becoming a CheckMyCCTV Service Provider. [more]

CheckMyCCTV for End-users

See how CheckMyCCTV can ensure your CCTV systems are protecting you Staff, Buildings, and Assets at all times. [more]

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