CheckMyCCTV for End Users

You’ve chosen to invest in CCTV to protect your premises, assets, and employees, but how do you know it’s working correctly right now?

Traditional maintenance agreements only ensure your systems are operational on the day of the visit, which could be only once or twice a year. The rest of the time your CCTV systems may be faulty without you even knowing.

That’s where CheckMyCCTV can help. CheckMyCCTV is an easy to use, but comprehensive health, status, and operation checking application that can help your installation company…

  • Ensure your CCTV systems are operating correctly.
  • View the status of all your CCTV systems at any time.
  • Ensure your CCTV systems are configured to your specification.
  • Identify issues quickly and reduce downtime.
  • Save your company time and resources.

CheckMyCCTV software automatically and autonomously monitors your sites for issues with your CCTV System, and reports them to you or designated contacts.

Site Status display

Our easy to use graphical interface makes it simple to determine which site locations have an issue. A simple bar graph representation gives you an ‘at a glance’ view of all your sites which are operational or are displaying a warning, or critical alert.


Unit Status display

A detailed results page displays all the checks grouped together under convenient categories; Network Status, Disk Status, Maintenance Status, and Performance Status. This view pinpoints exactly what the issue is on site.



Map Integration

By integrating to web based maps, CheckMyCCTV can display a interactive map of your sites, along with their current status indicated by a colour coded ‘pin’.



Why use CheckMyCCTV?

We took a snapshot of over 300 CCTV installations and found that three quarters of these systems had an issue which is not considered normal for a well maintained CCTV system, a selection of issues we found include:

45% of systems were recording for less than 31 days.

31% of systems were more than 1 hour fast/slow.

24% of systems had the incorrect Timezone/Daylight Savings time configured.

2% of systems were not recording at all!

CheckMyCCTV identified these issues and they could all be corrected either remotely, or with a site visit.

How much does CheckMyCCTV cost?

CheckMyCCTV is designed to be a very cost effective solution to ensure your CCTV systems are operating correctly. Each network attached unit can typically be monitored for less than 1% of the installation cost.

Where to buy CheckMyCCTV

Ask your installer if they can use CheckMyCCTV to monitor your installation, or contact us and we can put you in touch with our CheckMyCCTV service provider who will be able to monitor your sites remotely.

If you have your own control room, or wish to monitor your sites from within your own network, Contact us and we can discuss the options available to you.

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