ConnectMyCCTV™ (Coming Soon)

ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway

Simple, Secure, and Cost Effective connectivity to your customers’ CCTV.

Configuring remote access to your customers’ CCTV systems for support or diagnostic purposes can be problematic at best, and a potential security risk at worst.

There may be changes needed to the router settings, or port forwarding, which could ultimately leave your customers’ CCTV systems or networks insecure and open to attack.

This is where ConnectMyCCTV™ can help.

What is ConnectMyCCTV™?

ConnectMyCCTV™ is a low-cost ‘plug-and-play’ solution to create a secure tunnel between your Helpdesk/ARC and your customers’ CCTV systems – with no onsite setup.

Why use ConnectMyCCTV™?

Remote CCTV connectivity is becoming an important requirement to provide customers with proactive CCTV maintenenance checking and diagnostics.

However, it is more important than ever that measures are in place to ensure the privacy and security of your customers’ network and data.

As a simple plug-and-play solution, ConnectMyCCTV™ removes the responsibility of on-site engineers to configure remote access – reducing the risk of incorrect configurations leaving customers’ networks vulnerable.

How does ConnectMyCCTV™ work?

The ConnectMyCCTV™ Gateway plugs into a network port on your customers’ broadband router.

Once powered up, the ConnectMyCCTV™ device makes a secure connection to our  server, where it can be configured remotely using a simple form to create a point-to-point tunnel to CCTV system on the same network.

Once completed, a unique hostname is generated, which can be used to connect to the CCTV system from your network.


  • No setup on your customers’ router.
  • Secure connectivity.
  • Unique Static Hostname.
  • Whitelist remote access.
  • Cost-effective pay-as-you-go monthly billing.

ConnectMyCCTV™ is coming soon, for more information about, contact